Tina, Lenzerheide, 17/3/2013, 2414 pts


Roots, talent, genes, childhood, lightness, tenderness, boldness, precision, courage, fear, education, perseverance, diligence, commitment, faith, belief, perfectionism, frustration, failure, depression, depression, sadness, tears, orientation, bad people , good people, positivity, base, sun, power, success, balance, sea, speed, love, friends, durability, enemies, envy, modification, intelligence, details, thinking, openness, joy, joy, happiness, courage, diligence, intellect, emotion control, leaves, life, playfulness, trust, Congeniality, music, flowers, completeness, simplicity, awareness, gratitude, cherishing, reality, sensation, continuation.

What kind of tree could it be? How old is it? How strong will the wind be? How many more flowers will it sprout?

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